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Tyler, The Creator Shares New Golf Le Fleur Nail Polishes


Tyler, the Creator directed a video supporting the launch of three new nail polishes for Golf le Fleur.

Tyler, the Creator is launching three new Golf le Fleur nail polishes and shared a video he directed to promote the new options, last week. Featured in the bundle are Jade, Blonde, and Rose. Additionally, a metal grit blade nail file is being released.

The colors are available for individual purchase at $20 or bundled together in a collection for $55. There are also new Glossy and Matte finishes. All of the collection can be purchased at the Golf le Fleur website or from Neiman-Marcus Beverly Hills, Mohawk General Store, Health News Stand, Bergdorf-Goodman, and the Neiman Marcus site.

Tyler, The Creator
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Tyler first began selling polishes through Golf le Fleur back in 2021. He told Allure in an interview at the time that he had been wearing polish for a while and wanted to share colors that he found difficult to find.

“I don’t like to say I’m getting into the beauty world,” Tyler told the outlet. “I like perfume, so I said, ‘Oh, I’m going to make one!’ I like to wear glitter nail polish a lot, so I wanted to make a few colors that I rarely get to see. That’s all it is. It is less wanting in on beauty world and more, ‘Oh, I want to try my hand at this.’ I’m super blessed to be in a position where any idea I have, I’ve got the means to [bring it to life].”

Check out Tyler’s video for the nail polishes below.



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