With the announcement of her recent engagement to Sam Asghari and the end of her 13 year conservatorship, Britney Spears has had a lot to celebrate lately. Last night, reality series Dancing With the Stars paid tribute to Spears by dressing up like the pop star and dancing to some of her famous hits.

The show is currently hosted by Tyra Banks, but after seeing her outfits for Britney Night, many viewers were left feeling unimpressed by the episode.

“Thigh highs and fierce eyes,” the America’s Next Top Model alum captioned her Instagram post from the evening.

“No one can do it like the legend @britneyspears, but you know I sure as hell tried! #HitMeBabyOne MoreTime #DWTS.”

In one of her looks for the evening, Banks dressed in a school girl ensemble, channeling 1999 Spears, pigtail braids and all.

Although the effort was definitely there, some couldn’t help but feel that Banks missed the mark with her “homage.”

“That outfit was adorable on Britney Spears 20 years ago. It is so not adorable on @tyrabanks now. She is too damn old to be wearing this,” one person tweeted.

“Tyra Banks as Wendy Williams as Britney Spears,” another joked.

While the rest of the world celebrates her newfound freedom, Spears has been on the vacation of a lifetime with her fiancé. The mother of two has been sharing plenty of eye-catching snaps from her trip, including some nude poses that have had people talking.

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