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Tyreek Hill Helped Save Man’s Life


Tyreek Hill is being regarded as a hero by some of his closest Chiefs fans.

Tyreek Hill is currently one of the most prominent wide receivers in the entire NFL, and last Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, he exploded for 186 yards and three touchdowns. It was among one of the best games of his career, and as it turns out, he was able to help save a man’s life soon afterward.

Hill is currently in a group chat with Kansas City area bounty hunters who just so happen to be superfans of the Chiefs. After every game, the members of the chat send Hill congratulatory text messages, although, after last Sunday, he quickly realized that one man wasn’t sending his usual message.

Tyreek Hill

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

That man was Louie Brewer, whose absence in the chat immediately raised some suspicion. As a result, Hill made a note of it and encouraged everyone to go check on the man. Brewer was eventually found at his home on the brink of death as he had suffered a stroke. From there, Brewer was brought to the hospital where doctors saved his life.

Hill eventually came to the hospital to visit Brewer and offered him some signed Chiefs gear. It was a wonderful gesture that received praise from those in the group chat. In fact, Hill is now being heralded as a hero, although he’d rather not give that sort of title to himself.

While so many stories in the sports world can be negative, it’s always good to see a nice and wholesome one make its way to the internet.


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