It’s no secret that talent doesn’t actually need to play a role in being successful, though it does help. In the past decade, more viral stars have emerged off of platforms like YouTube and Instagram, though the online antics became more outlandish. Just over the weekend, a rapper named Dan Sur made headlines after getting gold chain hooks implanted to his scalp. However, it doesn’t seem to have created any further interest in his actual musical endeavors. Sur’s highest viewed video on YouTube has hardly broken the 200K view mark, despite the international headlines regarding his head. 

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Tyrese, a man whose online antics have certainly made headlines in the past, took to Instagram where he addressed the era of clout-chasing. Describing the entertainment industry as “one giant ANTIC,” he said that he’ll continue to sit back and observe the “shit show.”

“Everything has become one giant ANTIC…Awards shows, social media, and life feels like one gigantic ANTIC…I miss the days that popularity was actually based on TALENT…Hit records and hit moves,” he wrote. “So I will sit back like most and continue to watch the sh*t show…I guess it’s all entertainment, right? Lol.” 

In the caption, he added, “Whatever it takes just go viral.” 

Some think that Tyrese’s comments might be in regards to Conor McGregor’s little spat with Machine Gun Kelly at the VMA red carpet last night.