Tyron Woodley Gets “I Love Jake Paul” Tattoo, Jake Paul Responds

MMA fighter Tyron Woodley showed off his new “I love Jake Paul” tattoo across his middle finger, on Instagram, Monday, September 27. Paul agreed to grant Woodley a rematch if he were to get the tattoo, following their initial fight on August 29th. Woodley, the former 5x UFC Welterwight Champion, lost via decision in a Showtime Boxing PPV event in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. 

The two boxers originally agreed on the rematch proposal right after their initial fight, when a frustrated Woodley challenged Paul on-stage after his surprising loss, saying, “If you not scared, run it back.” Paul accepted the challenge under one condition, telling Woodley that, “If you get the tattoo ‘I love Jake Paul’, let’s run it back.” Woodly promptly responded, “Bet,” in agreement.

The former UFC Champion was initially supposed to get that tattoo immediately following the fight, and when he hesitated, Paul told ESPN two weeks ago that:

“If he would have gotten the tattoo right away, got 10 million views on his Instagram video, [then] everyone would have been super hyped, there would have been a ton of press around it. And I would have been sort of forced to do it,” Paul admitted. “I couldn’t really deny him then, because if he’s going to be a man of his word, then I have to be a man of my word. So, he f–ed up. He missed out on another big payday because of his ego.”

A month later, Woodley is now flashing the infamous middle finger and his new ink, showing us just how far he is willing to go, in order to prove that their first fight was a fluke.

After Woodley’s IG post, the YouTube star followed up with his reaction to the tattoo on an Instagram story, saying:

“(1.) Tyron got the wire from the fight. (2.) Tyron bought a used Bentley. (3.) Tyron got on a call with his accountant. (4.) His accountant told him how much he had to pay in taxes. (5.) Tyron got the tattoo.”

Now we will have to see if Paul is a man of his word, as well.

Check out Paul’s response below.


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