U.T.F.O. rap legend Kangol Kid was hospitalized and underwent surgery related to his Stage 4 colon cancer, earlier this week, and is asking fans to send prayers his way.

Kangol revealed that he was in the hospital on Wednesday with a statement on Instagram.

“Please forgive me for not returning calls and more,” he wrote. “Things have become, and are becoming a little more difficult than imagined. I’ve been admitted again for complications related to my condition. Thank you to those who have been instrumental in my latest ordeal. Your actions have been well received and greatly appreciated. I am blessed to have you by my side through this. I love you all. ~Kang. #kangolkid #kangol #utfo #roxanneroxanne #fuckcancer.”

UTFO, Kangol Kid, Cancer
Jemal Countess / Getty Images

On Friday, Kangol provided another update for his fans, announcing that he had successfully undergone surgery and would be continuing to provide details throughout the process: “Hello my Friends, Family, Fans and Followers. You’ve been incredible during my ordeal and have given me a sense of unimaginable comfort. This has led me to feeling obligated to share my journey with you. Thank you for sharing your worthiness with me. I [email protected]%ING LOVE YOU FOR LOVING ME!!!!! I promise to keep you posted.”

Kangol says he has a new video on the hospitalization coming out Saturday, featuring Doctor Ice.

Check out Kangol’s updates below.