Uganda’s Pollicy to launch digital ambassadors program to impact 1 million young women by 2040


This is to mark her five year milestone and in honor of International Women’s Day.

The gender digital divide community of knowledge is overwhelmingly focused on women above (18 years old) and gender inequality in the digital world is replicated in the physical world – UNICEF.

Pollicy a multi-award-winning feminist technology collective based in Uganda will launch its Digital Ambassadors program in honour of the International Women’s Day celebration.

This initiative is dedicated to bringing swift solutions to the problems and continued prevalence of the digital gender divide that disproportionately affect young women across sub-Saharan Africa and the larger African continent by fostering the absence of economic well-being on the continent. And through the skilling and intentional inclusion of more young women in the digital space and giving these groups of women access to digital tools and more meaningful digital use, create swift impact by implementing initiatives that address the main facts that can close the digital gender divide -access, digital literacy &
online safety.

Neema Iyer, Founder and Managing Director at Pollicy, is hoping that the Digital Ambassadors Program will promote initiatives and projects that will tackle the great societal challenges and biases such as harmful societal norms and inequitable access to
education that have encouraged the marginalization and exclusion of women in participating and benefiting from the growing digital ecosystem in Africa.

She says: “The Digital Ambassadors Program will be launched in honor of International Women’s Day to break the biases and negative stereotypes that have promoted gender inequality on the continent and excluded women from fully benefiting from the
advancement in technology”

In alignment with the theme of International women’s Day 2022; “ break the bias”, the digital ambassadors program will be launched with virtual round table discussions in partnership with the private sector, government, public sector, civil society, and other foundations from Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

Phillip Ayazika, Programs Manager at Pollicy stated that the program launch will not only mark the five-year milestone of Pollicy’s impact across East Africa but also usher its further contributions to causes that are prevalent in all regions of sub-Saharan Africa, particularly problems associated with limited digital access, literacy, and online safety from women in sub-Saharan Africa.

The digital ambassadors program will launch virtually on the 3rd of March, 2022 in Tanzania and Uganda and this will be followed by the Nigerian & South African launch in the third quarter of the year 2022.


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