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Uncle Murda Apologizes To Will Smith After Dissing Jada Pinkett On “Rap-Up 2021”


Three months into 2022 and Uncle Murda already has enough material for the next “Rap Up” freestyle.

It looks like Uncle Murda won’t be retiring his annual “Rap Up” freestyle after all. After all, we’re only three months into 2022, and there’s already a years-worth of material worth discussing. However, Murda does seem slightly remorseful about the 2021 edition of his freestyle series after last night’s events at the Oscars between Will Smith and Chris Rock. 

“Somebody let @willsmith know I’m sorry for what I said in the Rap Up dam it’s looking like I can’t retire the Rap Up,” Murda wrote on Instagram along with a clip of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in the face.

Uncle Murda truly spares no one during his annual freestyle where he sums up every major event of the past 12 months. Unfortunately for Will and Jada, Uncle Murda practically dedicated an entire 16 bars discussing their publicized relationship issues, like the memes about Jada’s relationship with 2Pac, the viral entanglement with August Alsina, and that time he admitted to playing his religious grandma one of Jada’s sex scenes from her films.

If her show is called The Red Table, that’s a red flag
Jada out here still makin’ Will look stupid
She said when he fuck her, she don’t like the way that he do it
I’m like, damn, he probably don’t get her wet
He be turnin’ her off with all that throwin’ up after sex
Still got the nerve to show their sex tape to his grandmother
I get it, I see why she let August Alsina fuck her 
Either way, she got Will Smith lookin’ like a sucker
He should leave her like DaBaby left his baby mother
But don’t go on Instagram or get the cops in it
If he kill her, she gon’ go to heaven and let ‘Pac hit it
Future rather hang out with Jada than hang with Will
Shit, I feel the same way that that n***a Future feel 
I don’t want no wife like Jada or Brittany Renner 

Chris Rock’s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss is evidently what ticked Will off. Jada has been open about her journey with alopecia, which has caused her to shave her head completely. 

Clearly, Uncle Murda knows better now. Check out “Rap-Up 2021” below. 


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