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Urban Meyer Apologizes Over Viral Video In Which He Got Caught In 4K


Urban Meyer knows he messed up.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer found himself at the center of a pretty big controversy this weekend as a video of him flirting with a young woman went viral. Of course, Meyer is married which made the video that much more suspect. In the aftermath of it all, many fans have been roasting Meyer, while his wife continues to tweet through it all while liking posts about the supposed infidelity.

Meyer has been through his fair share of controversies before, and this one is just yet another to add to the list. Not to mention, it doesn’t help that his Jaguars are an abysmal 0-4 to start the NFL season.

Today, Meyer faced the media for the first time since the incident and he was immediately asked about it. As you can see in the clip below via TMZ, Meyer told reporters that he was sincerely sorry for the whole thing and that he doesn’t want to be a distraction to his team and his players. It read as sincere, although it’s clear the Meyer is most upset about getting caught in such a compromising position.

Meyer’s tenure with the Jaguars has been rocky so far and there is a sense that even his own players do not like his methods. It could be a while before this Jaguars team gets a win, and if the team continues down this path, Meyer’s job could very well be at risk in just his first season.



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