Urban Meyer Shares Ridiculous Goal For Jaguars Offense

Urban Meyer Shares Ridiculous Goal For Jaguars Offense

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Urban Meyer has ambitious plans for his 0-5 team.

Urban Meyer is currently on thin ice when it comes to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team is down bad right now as they are 0-5 to start the season, and it doesn’t help that Meyer is in the news for all of the wrong reasons. Meyer took over the spotlight just last week as he was caught on camera flirting with young women who aren’t his wife. It became a whole scandal in the news that reportedly had his team looking at him as a laughing stock.

Now, Meyer is trying to move on from the incident, although his team simply isn’t very good right now. Yesterday, they lost to the Tennessee Titans in a game that saw Derrick Henry have yet another career outing. Regardless, according to reporter Mark Long, Meyer has ambitious hopes for his Jags.

Urban Meyer

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Today, Meyer told reporters that his plan for the rest of the season is to pick up at least 500 yards per game. He wants to have 250 of those yards come through the air, while the other 250 come from the running game. These are numbers that are only really possible in the college game, which is the perfect metaphor for Meyer’s tenure in Jacksonville so far. It feels like he really does believe he’s still in the NCAA.

If the Jaguars can’t improve soon, then there is a real possibility that Meyer will be fired in short order. After all, once you lose the locker room, there is no getting it back.

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