Cam’ron and Vado’s feud has been well documented over the years but things have since settled down between the two. However, it seemed that tensions were flaring back up after Vado appeared on the podcast My Expert Opinions where he spoke on their falling out. “I would just feel like my loyalty [to Cam’ron] was being taken advantage of,” he said. “When you fuck with [Cam’ron], he want you to just fuck with him.”

 Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

The comment appeared to get back to Cam’ron who unleashed a scathing rant on an unnamed individual, claiming that he had a vault of receipts that he’s willing to expose publicly. “If I helped you out in life, and you throw dirt on my name, I’m gonna expose everybody,” Cam said. Immediately, fans thought that Cam was speaking on Vado because of his recent comments but the former U.N. member denied that was the case. 

“That shit has nothin’ to do with me,” Vado said in a video he posted to the ‘Gram. “If anything was directed to me, it was to keep his name out of my mouth, man. And that’s not a problem.” He said that Cam’ron would even vouch that his rant wasn’t directed at him in any way since he has no affiliation with anyone Cam has problems with. 

Check out the clip below.