Vikings Fan Destroyed By Panthers Supporters At Bank Of America Stadium

Vikings Fan Destroyed By Panthers Supporters At Bank Of America Stadium

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The fan fights are out of control this year.

Ever since fans have been allowed back in arenas and stadiums, it feels as though there has been a serious uptick in fights amongst supporters. In the NFL preseason, we saw plenty of fights take place in Los Angeles and elsewhere, with fights continuing well into the regular season. It hasn’t been the best look for the NFL although there is only so much they can do to combat such a thing, especially since there aren’t many security guards stationed around each stadium.

On Sunday, we saw perhaps one of the craziest fan fights of the year at the Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Vikings defeated the Panthers and after the game, one Vikings fan was a bit too confident as he tried to take on a whole crowd of people.


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As you can see in the clip below, the man was eventually shoved to the ground and was hit with a massive punch as he tried to get up. This laid the man out for a few seconds, which led to some help from Viking fans who were in the area. Eventually, the video cuts off and as TMZ reported, the crowd dispersed before any security could respond.

Since everyone was gone by the time of the security response, no one got arrested. Needless to say, everyone is lucky to have gotten out of that without consequences.


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