Triller Fight Club put on yet another card last night and fans aren’t too happy with what went down. The main card was Evander Holyfield Vs. Vitor Belfort, and before that, we got a horrible fight between Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz. The boxing was uninspired and while Silva pulled off some nice moves, there is no doubt that his opponent wasn’t ready for the boxing ring. 

As for the Belfort and Holyfield fight, we got one of the saddest displays we have seen in quite some time. At 58 years old, Holyfield had no business being in the ring and his performance was nothing short of horrific. Belfort won with absolute ease, and thankfully, the match was stopped in the first round.

Vitor Belfort

Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

After the fight, Belfort was feeling himself and he decided to capitalize on the moment by challenging none other than Jake Paul to a match. In the clip below, you can see that Belfort wants a winner-take-all scenario and he is hoping to make $25 million. Based on this figure, it’s clear that Paul is right when he says MMA fighters have been shafted for years.

Paul probably won’t take this fight especially when you consider how he wants to go up against Tommy Fury next. Belfort is a bit too old for Paul at this point, although we’re sure there are people behind the scenes trying to make this happen.

Jake Paul

Jason Miller/Getty Images