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Wack 100 & Bleu DaVinci Suggest 50 Cent Got “BMF” Story Rights From Snitch


Bleu DaVinci accuses 50 Cent of working with a BMF informant to get Big Meech’s life rights.

50 Cent is now at odds with Bleu DaVinci after the former BMF artist warned 50 Cent and the executive producers of the Starz series about how he will be depicted. “The writers, the producers, the directors, the executive producers, y’all play with my name — I’m telling y’all right now. Y’all play with my name, it’s up. Period,” he said. Fif later shared a letter from Big Meech yesterday who expressed his gratitude for bringing the BMF story to life. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

Bleu DaVinci and Wack 100 have joined forces to push back against 50 Cent. The music executive and the former BMF artist posted alleged paperwork that suggested Fif may have only received the life rights to Big Meech because he worked alongside an informant. The paperwork claims that a person, referred to as CS1 in court documents, was a long-time friend of Big Meech who turned into a DEA informant and later took the stand against the BMF leader. “If yall was wondering how 50 Cent got Meech life rights, here read for yourself,” DaVinci captioned the post. “From the informant CS1.”

The letter itself reveals that CS1 actually holds the “life rights with creative control” to sell Big Meech’s story for profit. Both Wack and DaVinci suggested that Fif would have only been able to bring the story of Black Mafia Family to life by working with CS1. 

“When CS1 became a DEA informant, CS1 was, and had been, a long-time friend and associate of Demetrius Flenory… Specifically, CS1 held Flenory’s power of attorney and ‘life rights with creative control’ — i.e. the right to tell, and presumably sell, Flenory’s life story for profit… Those rights, by CS1’s estimation, could be worth as much as $1 million…”

“Hey @bleudavinci is this the pages you told me I missed ? Now this is getting interesting – How many #CS1 are they my ni**a ? And why would a CS1 have the life rights ? Is this the female you told me about ? See @bleudavinci story . Wtf is going on ?” Wack 100 captioned his post.

50 Cent has yet to respond to the latest claims but we will keep you posted if he does. Check out Wack 100’s post below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments. 


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