Wale Blasts Fan Who Said MMG Compromised His Talent & Creativity


Wale never hesitates to mix it up on Twitter.

A renowned Twitter arguer, the 37-year-old rapper always makes sure to get whatever he’s feeling off his chest. Whether it’s about his place in hip-hop or his perception of another rapper’s social justice activism, Wale makes his thoughts and feelings known and has never been afraid to respond to fans he feels are out of pocket. 

Yesterday, just nine days ahead of the October 22 release of Folarin 2, one fan decided it was a good idea to get a couple tweets off about how MMG compromised Wale’s creativity and artistic integrity.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“@Wale had so much potential man it almost hurts the way business is run, nobody wanna sell their soul or their creativity for a platform..but choices be so limited, @SavorySoul_ tweeted. 

Three minutes later, the Twitter bout was on. 

“Y’all wild,” Wale responded in a quote tweet. 

“@Wale you was my fav. Rapper back in the day dude, this aint no shade..i just feel like MMG compromised your real talent and creativity and I know you couldn’t do shit about that, I get it..but your lyrics inspired I dont see that anymore, hopefully Folarin 2 will be that again,” @SavorySoul_ shot back. 

“I wrote some of the best songs of my life wit MMG. U just made this up . But I luv u . See u 10-22 #Folarin2 brought to u by the UNTOUCHABLE Maybach Music,” Wale answered, showing a ton of love for the Rick Ross-lead Maybach Music Group. 

The twitter user responded with a lengthy explanation, writing “I dont think the MMG projects had depth like he did before MMG, no, im not saying they had no substance at all..and you not suppose to stay the same, we change all the time and gotta grow with our music, I just didn’t see that same creativity,” and Wale ended the back-and-forth with a condescending closing statement.

“Imma let u have it.. this really not the super Hiphop take u think it is . Golden salvation bricks dc or nothing .. all of them under MMG . This take stinks . But ur entitled to ur opinion .”

Despite letting @SavorySoul_ off easy with his dignity still intact, Wale telling a fan “This take stinks” is objectively hilarious. Twitter arguments are a big reason why certain fans like or dislike Wale but it’s hard not to laugh at something like this. 

Let us know what you think of Wale’s Twitter spat down in the comments and keep your eyes out for Folarin 2 when it drops on October 22. 



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