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The Nasty B’s from ABC’s new drama, Queens, get real about their rise to stardom, shocking downfall, and divine second chance in this exclusive teaser.

“We were the OGs. Look, no shade—Nicki [Minaj], Cardi [B], Megan [Thee Stallion]—none of them would exist without us,” declared Naomi a.k.a. Xplicit Lyrics (Brandy). “We were just friends from Queens doing what we love. Then, it turned into a No. 1 record, Grammys, my face on a cashmere rug,” recalled Brianna a.k.a. Professor Sex (Eve).

Jill a.k.a. Jill Da Thrill (Naturi Naughton) detailed how she turned to cocaine and then God while Valeria a.k.a. Butter Pecan (Nadine Velazquez) threw shots at Naomi, blaming her for the group’s breakup.

The teaser features appearances from TLC’s T-Boz, Tyrese, Ricki Lake, Ashanti, and Cam’ron. “I didn’t just hear about this breakup. I was there. It was crazy. The hottest supergroup in the game gone in a flash,” detailed the Harlem rapper. Cam’ron also has a recurring role on the show.

“The music was so legit. Bars were fire. We just couldn’t keep our s**t together, bottom line,” Naomi revealed. Yet, thanks to rising MC Lil Muffin (Pepi Sonuga) sampling the group’s hit single, “Nasty Girl,” they decided to reunite for a chance to recapture their fame and regain the notoriety they once had. “I turn on my radio and there we were—playing in my car like Bush was president and all four of us were still friends,” Brianna reminisced.

Despite the reunion, it’s apparent their tension is still lingering as Valeria deflects when asked if she missed her former friends and bandmates.

Queens premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Watch the full Beneath The Hits teaser above.


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