Watch Melanie Fiona’s Sweet Gender Reveal For Baby No. 2 –


Melanie Fiona is about to be a mother of two, and with the help of her family, the “Priceless” singer announced the gender of her growing bundle of joy.

On Monday (Sept. 27) she took to Instagram with her husband, Jared Cotter, and their 5-year-old son, Cameron to share the news. “There aren’t many true surprises in this life,” she captioned the post. “But their facial expressions showed just how surprising this news was.”

With Goapele’s soulful song “Closer” as the soundtrack, the three laid in bed together as everyone gave their predictions—mother and son both guessed a girl, while dad opted for a boy. “Ya ready?” asked Fiona before checking her phone for the results.

“It’s a girl!” she gushed to which Cameron jumped up and down on the bed, exclaiming, “I knew it! I knew it! It’s a girl!”

Fiona admitted she never saw herself being a #GirlMom writing, “the reality of this changed everything for me on a whole new level […] I never thought a girl was in the cards for me. I always saw myself as a #BoyMom… but I know I’ve done the work on myself to be worthy of bringing a girl up in the world.”

She continued, “more importantly…. I know she is coming to teach me even more about myself and the ways I need to continue to evolve. Of course, my daughter is on track to be a Capricorn… the polar opposite balancing sign to Cancer. This should be interesting.”

On her 38th birthday (July 4), the Toronto-born songstress revealed that she and her husband were expecting again.

In a video showcasing her recent growth over the past few years, she narrated, “Today Is My Birthday. When I think about this day, I can’t help but think about my life in retrospect as a series of events and what it means to grow. I reflect on the different iterations of myself throughout the years […] And I can’t help but recognize that in order to get the next version of myself, growth is most certainly required. Growth presents itself in many forms.”

The “It Kills Me” singer continued, “When I look at my life today I recognize that without that growth, I could have never manifested the beautiful blessings that I have… the person I am now, and the life that is BECOMING. Here we GROW again.”



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