On Sunday, hundreds of Waukesha, Wisconsin residents gathered to host their annual Christmas Parade. During the event, a red SUV plowed through the crowd, ultimately resulting in the death of five people, and the injury of at least 40 more.

As Complex reports, the city’s official Facebook account captured eerie footage of the vehicle racing past the camera – horrifying sounds of people screaming followed soon after. The Waukesha Freeman notes that the SUV had been spotted swerving around participants prior to the parade’s beginning.

“My son just passed with his band, which is Waukesha South, and a truck (came) barreling through, almost hit the back of a float truck … he ended up hitting a bunch of band members and it went all the way up the road,” a patron shared. “I saw at least five people get hit and I don’t know where that vehicle stopped,” another traumatized attendee recalled.

The area was promptly evacuated, and a family reunification location was set up. By the time the weaponized vehicle had been located, the suspect had fled the scene. Updates on Monday morning informed the public that a person of interest, 39-year-old Darrell Brooks Jr., has even taken into custody. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the man has been charged numerous time with recklessly endangering other’s safety, and is in the midst of a domestic violence case.

Initial reports believed that a total of 20 people had been injured in the rampage, but later updates revealed that a tragic number of lives were lost. “The community mourns the loss of our community members and those injured,” a statement from the police says. “We are asking for the community to come together during this time and to keep the families in your prayers.”

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