Following the death of Michael K. Williams, who starred in The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Lovecraft Country, and more, his co-star Wendell Pierce has offered a few words of reflection. 

On-screen, Pierce and Williams were among The Wire’s best pairings. Any time Omar and Bunk shared a scene, it was bound to either drive the plot forward or deliver an integral moment of character development. One highlight in particular —  a contender for the best scene in the entire series, at least for some — arose during the third season’s sixth episode “Homecoming,” as Bunk and Omar have a conversation on a bench.

Though on opposing sides of the law, Bunk and Omar had developed a begrudging respect for one another, leading to a powerful moment where the detective calls Omar’s entire code of principle into question. He doesn’t say much, but Omar’s facial acting and non-verbal responses exemplify the gravitas of Williams as an actor. It’s no surprise that Pierce has spoken so highly of his co-star, and today he reiterated his praise once more.

“From my heart, years ago. I said it then, and it must be said now……” wrote Pierce, via Twitter. He also uploaded a clip of him and Williams during a red carpet interview, allowing his words to be reiterated.

David Livingston/Getty Images

“Michael has contributed two of the most iconic characters in the history of American television,” praises Pierce. “With Omar and with Chalky White. What we are getting to witness in his young career, is one of the great American actors giving voice and flesh to the same characters people would have never given humanity to. Opening a window to a world of men we pass by. It’s one of the most innovative portrayals on television in our generation and it was an honor for me to even share the screen with him.”

“One of the greatest moments I ever had in my career was the scenes that I did with Michael,” he continues. “He’s a very special man and a very special artist. What art is to the community, thought is to the individual. It’s the place we reflect on who we are — and he has opened up a window of reflection to people on the corner who they’d have never given humanity to. He has made people think twice about these men, and that’s classic American television right there. Michael K. Williams.”

Rest in peace to Michael K. Williams. Check out Wendell Pierce’s powerful tribute below.