Western Cape man crushed by truck ‘he tried to attack’ [censored]


We’ll warn you now, this article contains some graphic – although, heavily censored – imagery. A man in the Western Cape lost his life in one of the most gruesome ways imaginable, after his attempts to attack a truck went terribly wrong.

Gruesome! Western Cape crook crushed by truck

A 40-second clip uploaded on Twitter this morning is already in the process of going viral. Those who can stomach the footage have been left shocked by the cruel twist of fate that befell this desperate crook.

We aren’t going to show you the video, because of what it depicts. However, we can bring you a series of screenshots that capture the last moments on the man who fell underneath the truck’s wheels.

The incident took place at a busy intersection, when a low-loader lorry made its way towards the junction. A man starts running towards the vehicle from the side of a run-down residential area. He then tries to climb onto the back of the cab, but he loses his grip almost immediately, falling to the floor.

LOOK: Man run over by truck ‘he was attacking’

Although he managed to avoid the first set of wheels, the rear tyres align with the would-be assailant, and, well, you can probably put together the rest. It’s not actually clear if the deceased set out to rob, hijack, or assault the driver, but the video does make it clear that the intentions were sinister.

Having said that, nobody really deserves to go out like this…

The would-be attacker is seen approaching the truck cab from the side of the road – Photo: Bosbeer.com
However, his plot is foiled within seconds, as he loses his grip and falls onto the road – Photo: Bosbeer.com
Western Cape truck
Now for the gruesome bit. The back wheels of the truck crush the man, leaving him lifeless on the floor – Photo: Bosbeer.com
Western Cape Truck
He is then left in a heap, and the driver stops his vehicle to assess the haunting situation – Photo: Bosbeer.com


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