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Westside Gunn Confirms Tyler, The Creator Will Be On “HWH8” Side B


The Buffalo rapper said Tyler sent him two joints but told him to keep one because it was too “kraaazy”

Since Tyler, the Creator appeared on Buffalo rapper and Griselda founder Westside Gunn’s album Pray for Paris in 2020, the admiration between the two has been obvious. Despite Tyler being a skate-inspired artist’s artist from sunny California and Gunn’s status as a hardened rap vet from the grimy Northeast, their admiration for art and the finer things has always tied them together and Gaptooth T’s appearance on “327” alongside Joey Badass, fans have been waiting for their next collab. 

Turns out it’s coming sooner than we may have expected. 

In a tweet earlier today, Westside informed us of two things. One, Tyler sent him over two joints for Side B of Westside’s August release Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf. And two, Gunn has an immense amount of respect for Tyler and isn’t afraid to express it. 

Image via HNHH

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Writing that Tyler sent him something “so kraaazy for #HWH8 side B,” that Gunn told him to hold onto it for a project of his own, the HWH rapper confirmed that the pair still have one song that remains on the album. What that record will sound like is obviously to be seen but if anything about the way Call Me If You Got Lost or Tyler’s most recent release, “Big Persona” with Maxo Kream sounded, Westside is sure to turn it into sure to turn it into something incredible. Not just because of Tyler’s musical prowess and talent, but because of the care we can expect from Gunn in this case. 

Already delaying HWH8‘s Side B to perfect the product, the second half of Westside Gunn’s tweet lets us know exactly why we can expect greatness from collabs between he and Tyler. Writing that Tyler is “somebody I respect highly in the industry, no funny Sh*t,” Gunn continued on saying Tyler “picked up anytime I needed him &gave me [flowers emoji] publicly.” 

It’s no small feat to have someone walking among the likes of Eminem and Jay-Z showing you respect like that and, based on their history, it’s easy to assume that Tyler did not, and does not, take it lightly and delivered on whatever “kraaazy” records he sent over to Westside. 

Gunn had previously said that Side B would drop on 9/10 but obviously that has passed and we have no concrete details as to when the second half of the project will come out. When it does, however, we’ll all be looking for this Tyler collab Westside Gunn is speaking so highly of. 

Are you excited for HWH8 Side B? How’d you feel about Side A? Let us know in the comments.


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