Westside Gunn Hit With Legal Threats For Using WWE Announcer’s Voice

Westside Gunn Hit With Legal Threats For Using WWE Announcer’s Voice

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WWE announcer Greg Hamilton said he wants Westside Gunn to cough up $20K for using his voice without permission.

Westside Gunn has never been shy about his love for the WWE and wrestling. Griselda frequently makes references to the WWE in their music while Westside Gunn even has a project titled Fourth Rope that’s practically an homage to wrestling fans. Unfortunately, his fandom might lead him to some sort of legal battle after WWE announcer Greg Hamilton took issue with his voice being sampled on Gunn’s projects.

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Hamilton hit the ‘Gram where he called out Westside Gunn for sampling his voice without authorization, claiming that he would be taking the Griselda leader to court. He said he would be enlisting WWE lawyers to sue him unless he offered an apology.

“Well @westsidegunn @buffalokidsgallery let’s hope that since you STOLE my voice for your incoherent kindergarten fables,” he wrote. “that you saved up enough delivering for Door Dash….because….You….are….🤬’d. You’ll be paying me for years….apologize and I’ll think about not collecting every dime for the rest of your life….or I can just get WWE lawyers….that’s ok too. Settle with my lawyer. And don’t EVER use my voice again….so wrong.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the extent of his rant. While he has removed the post, he continued to insinuate that Westside Gunn was somehow broke and “lookin for a come up” in the comment sections. He later stated that he was going to aim to take Westside Gunn to court for $20K-$30K. 

“Tick… tock… the longer this goes, the longer I have in court… you ready to settle or do u wanna dance with WWE lawyers? It’s a slam dunk. Price goes up by the day,” he added.


People quickly flamed Hamilton which probably is the reason why he took down his post in the first place. 

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