Westside Gunn Tweets That His Chains Cost More Than Mr. T’s, Wrestler’s Daughter Claps Back

Westside Gunn is one of the most confident rappers in the game, and for good reason. 

Between delivering some of the hardest raps we’ve heard in the last couple of years and maintaining his position as the leader of Griselda Records, Gunn has every right to be as confident as he wants. The Flygod rapper has stepped out in some of the most insane designer clothing, biggest and craziest jewelry, and has the rap pedigree to back up everything he says. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

He also has the wrestling pedigree to know what he’s talking about when it comes to all-things pro wrestling. 

Speaking at length for his love for wrestling on multiple occasions, the Buffalo rapper has included audio from famous wrestling matches throughout his music, and at times, faced legal troubles as a result. 

His most recent run-in with the wrestling community, however, was a simple war of words. 

Tweeting a picture of famous wrestler-turned-actor, Mr. T, draped in numerous gold chains, Gunn wrote, “The Diff between me an Mr T is My smallest chain cost more than all his sh*t #FLYGOD #GXFR #BUFFALOKIDS” 

What was a seemingly harmless jab at one of the most fabled jewelry wearers of all-time, was not received well. 

Wrestling fans came out of the woodwork, letting Gunn know that, “Difference is I heard of MrT but I aint never heard of you,” and “He didn’t even buy his smallest chain. Good on you for having really small chains though. Weird flex but *bicep flexing emoji*.”

The most ardent response came from Mr. T’s daughter, comedian Erica Clark, who wrote, “Difference is… All of it was real.. All of it was given to him All of it is his. He still has all of it.. And he was a movie star, TV star, commercial star with bedsheets. Pajamas, Lunch boxes, dolls, cereal, cartoons, Wrestlemania, albums… He’s my dad too.”

Clark finished the tweet with a sarcastic kissing-face emoji, prompting a Westside Gunn tweet in praise of Mr. T. 

“I love MRT I was literally just sitting here thinking how he was so dope for the Culture how he was able to jump into the wrestling world and be fly, get on TV shows, movies, action figures, he was a one of one,” Gunn tweeted. 

While Gunn’s tweet was an obvious flex, anyone who knows his love for wrestling knew it was more of a comparison to the legendary wrestling figure than an attempt to son Mr. T. Either way, it definitely caught the attention of his daughter and his fans, who were not too pleased with what the Pray For Paris rapper had to say. 

What do you think of Gunn’s tweets about Mr. T’s chains? Was it just a joke, or disrespectful? Let us know in the comments. 



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