What will they earn in 2022?


The government has gazetted a report from the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers Act, which has resolved that all elected officials should receive 3% salary increases. Good for them…

Salary increases proposed for Ministers, MPs, and President Cyril Ramaphosa

Now, the proposals still have to be approved by President Ramaphosa. If Cyril has no objections, the adjusted wages will come into force for the financial year ahead. The potential salary increases are below the rate of inflation – but we doubt the general public will be cheering in their droves for these changes.

A 3% rise might not sound like a lot, but if we analyse some of the top jobs, we can see what a major difference it will make to their pay-packets. It’s worth noting that Cyril Ramaphosa would be the first South African president to collect a wage worth more than R3 million each year, as per the report’s recommendations.

What will our elected officials earn in 2022?

Cabinet ministers – accused of underperforming by the DA – would be R72 000 better off annually. Meanwhile, Deputy Ministers and Provincial MECs would take home more than R2 million every 12 months…

Position Current wage Proposed wage for 2022/23 Value of annual increase
President R2.99 million R3.079 million R80 000
Deputy President R2.825 million R2.910 million R85 000
Ministers R2.401 million R2.473 million R72 000
Deputy Ministers R1.977 million R2.037 million R60 000
Members of Provincial Legislature (MPL) R1.101 million R1.134 million R33 000
Mayors R1.360 million R1.409 million R49 000
Members of Executive Council (MEC) R1.977 million R2.037 million R60 000
Municipal Councillors R613 000 R631 000 R18 000

Salary increases: Ministers make millions, the rich get richer

The remuneration guide considers the costs from the start of our most recent financial year (1 April 2021). A deeper dive into the table reveals how other core Parliamentary staff stand to benefit from the changes: Speakers, Chief Whips, Opposition Leaders, and MPs are set for a mini-windfall – should President Ramaphosa approve.

Photo: Government Gazette
  • Will it be enough to stop some politicians putting their hands in the till? We won’t hold our breath…


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