Willie The Kid & V Don Reunite For New EP, “Catch Me If You Can”


Willie The Kid and V Don are no strangers to working with one another – the pair have previously collaborated on projects like Deutsche MarksBlue Notes, and Deutsche Marks 2. Now, they’re back with a short and sweet EP, titled Catch Me If You Can.

The new release is made up of just four tracks, but V Don’s smooth production and Willie’s lyrical wit make the minutes feel like seconds. For fans of this unstoppable match, 10 minutes of new music doesn’t feel like nearly enough.

While V and The Kid carry 3/4 tracks on their own, they brought in Sauce Heist to assist with “American Me / Skyfall,” the project’s third track. On past works, they’ve also linked up with Eto, Vado, Jai Black, Flee Lord, Da$H, and more.

“You lucky bastards,” Willie captioned an Instagram post from last week, letting followers know that they’d be getting new music from him and his producer pal on Friday. “Can’t f*cking wait,” many of the replies read.

While promoting Catch Me If You Can on his page, V Don let. his followers in on a little secret. “ON ALL PLATFORMS NOW !! YOU CAN LET THIS PLAY STRAIGHT THRU AS IF ITS ONE SONG,” he revealed.

What’s your favourite track from Willie The Kid and V Don’s new EP?


1. Serendipity

2. Portal

3. American Me / Skyfall (feat. Sauce Heist)

4. Adventures


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