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XXXTentacion’s Son Gekyume Looks Adorable While Visiting His Mausoleum


Gekyume and his mom visited XXX’s mausoleum recently.

XXXTentacion’s passing in 2018 came as a huge loss to the hip-hop community. Jah was an artist who transcended genre barriers, and he was always looking to create new sounds. His fans were immensely support of him, and at the time of his death, he had one of the biggest fanbases in all of hip-hop.

Perhaps one of the saddest parts about his passing is that he was just about to have a child. His son’s name is Gekyume and his mom is Jenesis Sanchez. The latter is constantly posting photos of Gekyume on social media, and it is clear that X’s son bears a striking resemblance to him.

Recently, Sanchez took Gekyume to a very sentimental place. That place just so happens to be the mausoleum in which XXXTentacion is making his final resting place. The mausoleum has been visited by fans and family for years, and now, Gekyume is getting to visit his father. As you can see, Gekyume looks adorable in the photo as he has his iPad and juice box in the background.


Image via Instagram

Gekyume probably doesn’t know too much about his father just yet, but in a few years, he will be able to see the impact he truly had. That knowledge is certainly going to be very special for the young man.


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