Yeat Follows Up His Viral Success With New Project “Up 2 Me”

Over the past few months, Los Angeles-based artist Yeat has been getting a plethora of co-signs from the likes of Drake, Playboi Carti, and more. While he has been releasing music for years, it’s his most recent hit “SORRY BOUT THAT” which truly took off thanks to platforms like TikTok. The song was also a part of a now-viral Roblox East Brickton video, which just goes to show what kind of simulation we are living in. Now, Yeat has provided fans with a full 22-track album, and they couldn’t be happier about it.

This album is filled with psychedelic beats and high-energy tracks that follow that spaced-out trap blueprint. With Carti’s influence on the rise, there is no doubt that Yeat takes inspiration from the artist, although he certainly differentiates himself in a few spots. His new effort is a solid project and if you’ve yet to get acquainted with Yeat, now is your chance.


1. Cmon
2. Morning Mudd
3. Got Rich
4. Let Ya Know
5. Stayed The Same
6. Get Busy
7. Rokstar
8. Trendy Way (ft. Septembersrich)
9. Swerved It
10. Ya Ya
11. U Could Tell
12. Factz
13. Back On Em
14. Hey
15. Turban
16. Twizzy Rich
17. Told Ya
18. Money So Big
19. Deserve It
20. Kant Change
21. Calling Me
22. Lying 4 Fun


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