Yebba Thanks Missy Elliott, Jazmine Sullivan And More For Inspiration –

Yebba’s debut album, Dawn, arrived on Friday (Sept. 10) and days prior, Harper’s Bazaar profiled the singer. The writer described her voice as “shocking” in the same vein as “Whitney Houston singing the national anthem, Mariah Carey hitting a whistle note, Beyoncé jumping eight octaves and Jennifer Hudson [being] good.” Specifically, eerily depicting the singer’s tone as “absolutely arresting, as painful as it is pleasing in its ability to enunciate every syllable of every word, leaving no room for the romanticization of tragedy.” The descriptor made sense.

However, following a bit of uproar, the publication altered the poetic statement to this: “her voice, simply put, is shocking, and echoes the talent and prowess of otherworldly musical icons (a la Mariah Carey and company) that came before her.” On that note, Yebba quietly swooped in to thank a handful of Black women who made her the artist she is today. Among those named were The Clark Sisters, Jazmine Sullivan, and Missy Elliott.

The 26-year-old thanked The Clark Sisters “for being an inspiration all my life. The songwriting and vocal yes of course, but mainly the heart of worship,” especially thanking Twinkie Clark for “showing us all how an organ should feel.” She thanked the Heaux Tales singer for “how much she’s given & continues to give the world. An inspiration of individuality & creativity to us all.” Prior to all of this, she honored her longtime friend Missy Elliott. Expressing, “I’ll forever love & honor @MissyElliott. In college, I used to drive to her house on some weekends. She’d just put me onto a bunch of records & then give me gas money to get back to Nashville. forever my Queen for real.”

Elliott equally gushed over the GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter. She tweeted, “you always been special! The moment I heard your voice and I said Never change YOU! I am so Proud of you. your mom is smiling on you.”


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