YG Scolds His Daughter After She Draws On His Lamborghini

YG Scolds His Daughter After She Draws On His Lamborghini

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YG’s daughter saw his white Lamborghini and thought it looked like a nice canvas for her to draw on.

YG is understandably upset after his daughter scribbled and drew on his all-white Lamborghini, showing off the damage on Instagram.

“My daughter got me fucked upd [sic],” joked YG on Stories. “How she disrespect the Lamborghini like that.”

The photo shows the side of YG’s car covered with dark scribbles from his daughter, who clearly couldn’t find a paper or a proper canvas. Despite his frustration over the damage done to his car, YG followed up the picture with a looped video of his daughter going to work with a disinfectant wipe, removing the pen marks from his exotic vehicle. Hopefully, they were able to remove all of the drawings but if not, this will definitely make for a funny story to tell his daughter in a few years when she grows up. Remember when you drew all over daddy’s $300,000 car?!

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Following the release of his collaborative album with Mozzy, YG has been spotted in the studio with frequent collaborator Ty Dolla $ign. Aside from that, he’s been having a quiet year, staying out of the headlines for the most part and enjoying his increased time with family. Even when he’s cleaning up after his daughter, we’re sure he feels blessed to be able to spend time with his little one.

Check out the damage below.


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