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YNW Melly Murder Accomplice YNW Bortlen Says They Will “Shock The World” In Court


Melly and Bortlen’s murder trial is set for March 7.

For the past few years, melodic rap sensation YNW Melly has been behind bars for the alleged murder of his two former YNW crew members YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. His alleged accomplice in the crime YNW Bortlen will be on trial along with him, as the two face the death penalty in their upcoming case on March 7.

Recent reports have suggested that the state of Florida has substantial and strong evidence to convict Melly and Bortlen for the 2018 killings, including over 60 pages of DNA evidence that shows the lethal weapon was fired from Melly’s seat in the car he and Bortlen were driving, and that phone records show Melly was in the area of the murder when it happened.

However, YNW Melly and Bortlen’s team has held their ground, as Melly’s manager said last month that they would both be home soon. Also, recently Bortlen snuck his phone into the courthouse where proceedings will likely happen to post on his Instagram story a message of hope for their fans. As he took a shot of Melly in the courthouse, Bortlen captioned the story, “Bouta Shock the world.”

So, while the state of Florida may have some damning evidence, perhaps Melly and Bortlen are aware of conflicting evidence supporting their side that will held their case. Either way, the stakes are very high for both of these Florida rappers, as a first degree murder charge would effectively end their careers and potentially grant them the death penalty.

Stay tuned into HNHH for more updates on the YNW Melly murder trial.


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