Young Thug’s Quirkiest “Punk” Lyrics

Young Thug’s Quirkiest “Punk” Lyrics

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One of the most eclectic characters in all of hip-hop, the incomparable Young Thug has officially released his sophomore studio album Punk. After months of teasers and hints about which direction the Atlanta-based rapper would be taking on the genre-fusing album, fans are comparing Punk to Thug’s beloved mixtape Beautiful Thugger Girls, which saw him rapping primarily over acoustic guitar beats. Much like on that project, the 30-year-old takes a smoother approach on his new album, opening up on songs like “Die Slow” and bringing some of his closest friends, including Future, Drake, Travis Scott, Gunna, J. Cole, and more, onto the tracklist.

From his fashion to his lyrics, Thugger has always been one of the most interesting and unconventional people in music. He broke down gendered barriers in fashion by wearing a dress on his mixtape Jeffery. And in a now-infamous tweet from years ago, the rapper bragged about the size of his marijuana joint on Twitter, saying that he’s “smoking penises.”

Young Thug is unlike anybody else in the rap game, and we’re going to prove that by gathering some of the quirkiest bars on Punk. Check out our list below, and let us know your personal favorite in the comments. 

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“Die Slow”

I always knew I wasn’t gon’ be gay
I had her sendin’ pictures to my mom’s phone when I was like eight


I’m tryna get in your guts, show me your guts

Good hair, only comb in the house, is a silicone
She done put her thong in my mouth and we made a song 

“Recognize Real”

She ain’t my wife, how could I see her with my son?

“Peepin Out The Window”

Find myself carin’ way too much, ain’t got no shrubs no more 

“Rich N***a Shit”

I’m so wealthy, I done bought out on my cavities
Havin’ sex with your old lady, I lost calories
Rich shit, I’m playin’ Louis ping-pong with my bestie
Made a TV show with some lesbians
Like the TV show, I done next’ed
G-Star, pull your thorns out your carat
Bought my dawg a new kennel, it’s a palace 

“Livin It Up”

Bought the girl a two-story penthouse in the Big Apple like a pie
She was tryna tie me down with all her words, but they were lies
But I let her get away with it ’cause sometimes she wanna die, yeah  

“Yea Yea Yea”

I lost my virginity into Amanda
All these fuckin’ yellow diamonds, Tropicana
Bunch of old ass bitches tryna fuck us
They’ll be fuckin’ on my grandson 

You can wake up to grapes and heated floors on your feet
Señoritas, I’ma buy you a Richard Mille, all VV’s

I can always see the devil harassin’ me
Tellin’ me he lovin’ me while he stabbin’ me

“Insure My Wrist”

I put these racks on your potatoes, your tomatoes get gone 


I cop me a Cartier skeleton, yeah, scoliosis

Ricks longer than Morty (Woo)
I came to school tardy (Woo)
I was fuckin’ your daughter (Sex)


I took her to China and changed up her climate and now she ain’t talkin’ the same (Woah, yeah)

“Road Rage”

I bought her a Richard, now she dance, like ants in her pants
Red and white diamonds on my mans, he a ambulance
Half a million to my dad, salad dressing, bought a ranch 

You frozen tongue, you won’t say it twice, I’ll greet you with a gun, n***a


These n***as basic, they need to face it
I’ma turn off the light
Lil’ shawty is you breathin’?
Tell me if you caught a fever

“Droppin Jewels”

Ain’t 6ix9ine, but two hoes with me right now, you can call me Shotti
I been droppin’ all my Vicks and now the FBI won’t stop me
Got this shit on fire like Takis, n***a, woah, woah 

With the T-Rex, I just gave my daddy the Cam
I got the sheets wet
Pick that lil’ bitch up, then I slam her like I’m from B-X
Then I fold her up like a clam, yeah 

I told my bitch to stand behind me, I’m in my zone
She like, “How the fuck you ain’t never wrote a song?”
Same reason your fine ass ain’t never wore a thong

“Icy Hot”

I whip that Rolls Royce like I’m a sailor
I count up so much, I bleed from paper
I keep the fan and glizzy by my neighbor 

“Day Before”

I ain’t trippin’, bitch, I’m sharper than the damn machete
Super different, I even stood out on my own partners
Since a kid, I been a dresser, Thousand Island
I was shittin’, my diamonds green, piss, port-a-potty, woah

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