YoungBoy Never Broke Again To Be Released From Prison On Bond –

Incarcerated rap star YoungBoy Never Broke Again is slated to be released from prison, after a judge granted a conditional bond last Friday (Oct. 22). According to reports, YoungBoy will be moving to Utah to serve out his house arrest and will hire a security team to enforce that he complies with all of the stipulations of his conditional release, which includes a ban on drugs and guns.

He will also be subjected to regular and random drug testing as part of the agreement. In addition to being allowed three court-appointed visitors at a time, YoungBoy won’t be able to leave the premises. Only members of his immediate family will be allowed to live with him during his house arrest. According to The Advocate, YoungBoy’s record label has also agreed to build an in-house recording studio in order for the rapper to continue creating music.

This news comes in the wake of his legal team’s request for a conditional release after their client sat behind bars for several months. Chief U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick previously shot down YoungBoy’s legal team’s request for an early release on bond, with Dick ruling that YoungBoy is “inclined toward reckless, illegal, dangerous behavior […] and no combination of bond conditions could ensure the community’s safety.”

However, with new testimony revealing that the rapper was only driving at 40 mph prior to being apprehended and detained by police, as opposed to the 80-90 mph that was previously reported, the judge apparently had a change of heart, ruling in YoungBoy’s favor.

Born Kentrell Gaulden, YoungBoy was arrested in Los Angeles back in March on outstanding warrants and transported to Louisiana after being indicted by a federal grand jury on firearm-related charges. Prior to his release, he had been held at St. Martin Parish Correctional Center in Louisiana while waiting to face trial. Despite his stint behind bars, YoungBoy hasn’t lost a step in terms of making an impact as one of the biggest rising stars in hip-hop today.

In September, the 38 Baby rapper released his third studio album, Sincerely, Kentrell, which debuted atop the Billboard 200, making him the only rapper in history besides 2Pac and Lil Wayne to release a chart-topping studio album while behind bars. The Baton Rouge native recently inked a global joint venture deal with Motown Records earlier this year, with the first release under the partnership being Never Broke Again Vol. 1.


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