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Yung Baby Tate Announces New Name, New Label, & New Single


Baby Tate drops the “Yung” from her name and announces a new single.

Decatur, Georgia-raised rapper Yung Baby Tate is growing up and, as such, she’s dropping the “Yung” from her name. From now on, the 25-year-old will solely be known as Baby Tate. In conjunction with the announcement, the Raedio-affiliated rapper announced that she had signed to a new label.

Working closely with Issa Rae’s record label for the last few years, Baby Tate has officially signed a deal with a major label, signing to Warner Records. To make the announcement pop, Baby Tate coupled it with the reveal that her upcoming single “Pedi” is dropping later this month.

“New name, new label, new song drops 10/29,” wrote the rapper on Instagram.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Judging from the captions that Baby Tate has been posting lately, the upcoming new music appears to be in the lane of braggadocio, allowing the rapper to shine with references to her designer footwear, her fancy pedicure, and more.

The change comes just weeks after Baby Tate was trending on social media after clapping back at people body-shaming her and making rude comments about her natural body. She was also a star in the recent season of Love & Hip Hop, appearing in a storyline with Guapdad 4000.

Read more about Baby Tate through her recent Rise & Grind feature here, and stay tuned for all of her upcoming releases through Warner.


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