Yung Bleu elaborated on why he wasn’t happy with his performance in Chicago, over the weekend, during a live stream on Instagram. The “You’re Mines Still” rapper explained that he had to use another DJ on last-minute notice on top of dealing with other technical issues.

Bleu added that he is not new to doing arena shows and in ten more years, fans will still be able to see him perform.

Yung Bleu, Concert
Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

On Twitter, Saturday, Bleu admitted that he’s been in a “really dark space” as of late.

“I thank everybody that gave they voice to uplift me today,” he wrote. “I been in a really dark space having so much success this year it May seem everything fine but nobody know what I go thru outside of music it really just weighed on me today. I needed those words sometime I feel depressed.”

In a since-deleted post, Bleu also described the concert as his “worst show ever,” and admitted he felt like he “lost 10,000 fans at one time.”

Last week, Bleu released a new five-track EP titled, No, I’m Not Ok, featuring R&B icon Monica.

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