Yung Miami Appears To Confirm Romantic Relationship With Diddy –


Amid rumors of a brewing romance between rapper Yung Miami and Hip-Hop legend Diddy making headlines over the past year, the City Girls member appears to have all but confirmed those notions during a heated exchange with another woman who’s also been romantically linked to the billionaire mogul.

As Diddy, who hosted the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 15), was on stage, model Gina Huynh, who was also present, albeit in the audience, made a post on social media voicing her affections for Diddy in a show of support. Uploading a photo of the 52-year-old on stage with the caption “baby daddy is hosting Billboards” on her Instagram Story.

However, Huynh’s public displays of affection didn’t stop there, as she shared a photo of Diddy giving the 30-year-old a kiss on the cheek that following Tuesday (May 17), which apparently was the last straw for Yung Miami, who promptly fired off a tweet many attributed as a shot directed at Huynh.

“Somebody please give this b*tch some attention,” wrote Yung Miami, 28, seemingly referencing Huynh. Clearly, not one to back down, Huynh quickly responded, writing “If anybody is seeking attention…B*TCH IT’S YOU,”  before getting vulgar in a subsequent post, adding, “suck my d*ck idgaf.”

From there, the war of words continued with Yung Miami responding, “Attention? B*tch I am the attention, let’s be clear!” The “Take Your Man” rapper also inferred that she’d done just that to Huynh having had prior knowledge of her and Diddy’s ongoing dealings. “Notice me please a*s b***h go sit down! WE SEE YOU RELAX IT’S ok! You been (AROUND) just (AROUND) for years! You been waiting on this moment if he can’t make you famous b*tch I ain’t!”

Taking aim at Huynh’s financial situation, Yung Miami concluded her tirade by contrasting her man-eating image as a City Girl with her feelings for Diddy. “I am [a City Girl] and that’s why I f*ck with yo n***a & ain’t coming off him idc how many pics you post,” Miami tweeted with the back-and-forth all but dying off on that note. Diddy has yet to respond or publicly address the matter.

Talk of Diddy and Yung Miami being an item began to spread in 2021 with the pair being spotted together on numerous occasions and Yung Miami uploading photos of herself and Diddy on multiple occasions. However, the TK rapper has previously claimed that the two were only good friends and even denied rumors of them dating during an interview late last year.

Yet, the latest sighting of Yung Miami and Diddy occurred just days ago, as they were seen partying together following the 2022 BBMAs, which lends further credence to the pair being romantically linked in some compacity.


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