yvngxchris Locks In With ssgkobe, Unotheactivist & More For “Blood On The Leaves” Remix


It was nearly 10 years ago when Kanye West shattered the expectations set for himself with projects like Watch The Throne and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The rapper unveiled Yeezus in 2013 — a polarizing modern-day classic. Ye dove deep into electronic, punk, and drill music to create a body of work that was lightyears ahead of its time. “Blood On The Leaves” is one of the best songs on the album, if not Ye’s catalog.

yvngxchris has revisited the anthem for his single, “Blood On The Leaves” which maintains the original Nina Simone sample. While the standards of Kanye West are hard to reach, yvngxchris delivered a posse cut this week with his remix of “Blood On The Leaves.” Chris brings on ssgkobe, UnoTheActivist, Ken Carson, and KA$HDAMI on board for this one. It has a run-time of a little over 4-minutes, though each of the artists maintain the spirit of a posse cut in an attempt to outdo each other on their respective verses.

Check the remix below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments. Who had the best verse?

Quotable Lyrics
Boy, I’m smokin’ this gas, no OX-AN
So just hit my phone if you need some weed
N***as be so mad ’cause I’m that n**a that they wanna be 


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