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Zac Stacy’s Ex-Girlfriend Responds To His Claims That She Staged Video Of Him Assaulting Her


Stacy turned himself in to police in mid-November.

Former NFL running back for the Rams and Jets Zac Stacy has been in hot water for the last month. On Nov. 17, his ex-girlfriend Kristen Evans posted a handful of gruesome videos to Instagram that showed him physically assaulting her in their home n font of their infant child.

After this, a warrant for Stacy’s arrest was issued, and it even appeared that he fleed Oakland, FL where the warrant was issued. Shortly after, however, he returned to Florida and turned himself in. He was arrested at the airport, and TMZ released footage yesterday (Dec. 13) of him speaking with police after being apprehended, telling his life story and explaining the situation that led to his arrest. He claimed Evans was framing him: “She knew I was down, she knew I was going through anxiety and depression. She knew I was trying to close this gap that’s between me and my son, and she’s just upset that she got caught, and she’s upset I’m not taking care of him like she expected. And now she took it this far. This is just a case of a girl that is just bitter that I don’t want to be with her, and she’s just trying to destroy my whole reputation ’cause of this sh*t.”

He also alleged that Evans cheated on him with his financial advisor, who was his teammate at a time. Evans soon responded on Instagram Live, criticizing Stacy for playing the victim, and questioning his assertion that she staged the numerous attacks: “I don’t know how you can stage getting your ass beat. This is what abusers do. They will make you seem like you’re the crazy one and that they’re the victim.”

She also emphasized how troubling the airport video was t her, as the police officer that arrested Stacy was being comforting and respectful to him while he was in handcuffs: “Everything about this makes me uncomfortable.”

30-year-old Zac Stacy is currently out on bond for his domestic abuse charges.



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