Zack Fox Returns With Hilarious Bars On New Song “fafo”


Zack Fox is one of the most beloved comedians on the internet and while he has had his fair share of Twitter bans, he always finds a way to return better than ever. In recent years, Fox has been releasing music and as you can imagine, his songs contain that signature humor that made him so famous. He knows how to craft some hilarious bars, and that ability is front and center on his new track called “fafo,” which is short for “fuck around and find out.”

In this song, Fox offers braggadocios lyrics with some funny quips that will have you rewinding the song to make sure that’s really what he just said. From Steven Universe references to kegel talk, there is certainly a lot to digest here. It’s yet another example of Fox’s talent shining through, and you can check out the song, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yeah, I’m back up on my bullshit, them beans got me geekin’
Throwing money on these strippers like they chickens getting seasoned (Salt)
I got bitches ‘cross the universe, I’m pimpin’ like I’m Steven (Eh)
She gon’ hit me with them kegels, almost made me have a seizure (Shake)




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