Zuma LIKELY broke the law in Bosasa ‘dealings’


Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has recommended that former president Jacob Zuma be investigated, in light of “gratifications” he may have received from Bosasa. This is just one of the findings contained in the third installment of the State Capture Commission’s report, which was released by the Presidency on Tuesday evening, 1 March 2022.

Instances of Zuma acting unlawfully or unethically already read like a laundry list, even if one factors in the State Capture Commission’s work itself and what has been uncovered so far.

Added into the mix is former SAA Chairperson Dudu Myeni, who is a close ally of Zuma and often facilitated some of the meetings where these dubious dealings would be discussed.

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The State Capture Commission’s report found that, like many of his other comrades, Jacob Zuma himself also benefitted from Bosasa, particularly because of the lavish birthday parties the company paid for and the monies paid to the Jacob Zuma Foundation.

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi is said to have revealed that Myeni accepted R300 000 in cash every month, on behalf of the foundation.

Zondo says that there are “reasonable grounds to suspect that Mr Zuma’s conduct was in breach of his obligations as president under the constitution, in breach of his obligations under the Executive Ethics Code and in breach of legislation”.

In addition, Zuma is alleged to have interfered to prevent government officials from cancelling contracts with Bosasa.

The report found that Zuma placed himself in a “conflict of interest situation,” given his relationship with Bosasa. It further says there is no reason as to why Zuma should have accepted such gratification from the company.

“This is because Mr Zuma failed to provide evidence to the contrary to show a lawful authority or excuse for receiving the gratification, either at all or at a level that could give rise to a reasonable doubt. Indeed, he did not testify at all,” Zondo writes.

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